Addison Groove – This Is It / Make Um Bounce

Techtonic, juke, bass, swamp81

Last month Addison Groove’s new EP on Techtonic dropped, and it’s big. At 138 and 133 BPM, with lots of 808 kick, booty-style vocal samples, acid bleeps, and chicago drums, both sides are huge, and this is one EP that’s definitely worth picking up.

Something else I’m excited for is information about Addison’s huge remix of Martha & the Vandellas classic Jimmy Mack. I heard him play it first at BLOC, and it took the roof off. Eyes peeled for a quite white label release on this one.


B.C. x Delivery – Return To Me EP

Art of Tones remix returning dub

MK is one of the biggest names in house music, rolling out hit after hit throughout the 90s. So I was pretty happy to hear a new track of his was getting released, with a string of releases. It comes in the form of the Return To Me EP, released on a collaboration between Scion A/V and Rhonda International. The whole EP is full of goodnessm and you can grab a free 320 of the Goddollars remix over on xlr8r, but the standout remix for me is the Art of Tones Returning Dub. Look out for it on the EP.

Jodeci – Freak’n You (MK Dub)

Every Freaking Night Freak'n You

This is probably my favourite version of the infamous b-more club ‘every freaking night’ vocal sample. So, when I went to buy it on iTunes, and realised it was up as a free download, it made me pretty happy. So, I thought I’d share it with the rest of you. Enjoy.

Jodeci – Freek’ N You (M.K. Dub)

Efdemin – There Will Be Singing (DJ Koze Remix)

Hardrive Harddrive Deep Inside mp3 download free

It seems these days that DJ Koze can do no wrong. I first got to know him through his brilliant album Music Is Okay, which is very musically different to his other releases, so I’m always pleasantly surprised every time he comes out with tracks like these. His newest remix is already gathering big hype, and it’s well deserved. Pick it up on Beatport here.

Efdemin – There Will Be Singing (DJ Koze Remix)

So you have something to go home with, here’s one of my all-time favourite classic house records. Pressed in 1993 onto Strictly Rhythm, this gem stil gets slipped into sets all over, and is gathering new hype due to a forthcoming Ramadanman re-edit, which is sure to be huge.

Hardrive – Deep Inside

Tech-House Thursday

The XX Stars UNER revision remix tech house

I know you might think it’s Saturday, but in fact, I’m writing this on a Thursday and giving it a post-dated publish time, seeing as I’ll be at BLOC! Anyway, I’ve a real treat for you. Two very nice tech-house remixes I came across today. One masterpiece of a remix of James Blake, and one of the nicest XX remixes I’ve ever heard. Grab a remix of the XX but the download limit hits! Enjoy.

James Blake – CMYK (eLDOKO Remix)

The XX – Stars (UNER revision)

Dark Horse

Adele Rolling In The Deep Cousin Cole Remix Jamie XX

I love the Jamie XX remix of Adele. But, it’s nice to have a change, and this is indeed a very nice change. Lovely remix, and very different to the Jamie XX shuffle that I, and many people are so used to hearing.

Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Cousin Cole Remix)

This is one of those remixes I really didn’t expect. When I saw the title I didn’t really believe it, but yes, it actually is an Oliver Huntemann remix of Do It Again. And it works. Deep and brooding, but with that lovely vocal.

Chemical Brothers – Do It Again (Oliver Huntemann Remix)

Love To Edit

Samim Heater Moombahton Edit Ckrono

Oh the joys of Soundcloud. I firmly believe that Soundcloud is one of the best things to happen to the spread of music, and to young and unknown producers in recent history. Browsing through Soundcloud led me to these two great moombahton edits. Be sure to look out of Ckrono and Booty Shakerz in future!

Samim – Heater (Ckrono Moombahton Edit)

Fat Joe – Lean Back (Booty Shakerz Moombahton Edit)