Exclusive Interview with Munchi

Exclusive Forward/Slash Moombahton Diplo

Here at Forward/Slash we’re lucky enough to be able to ask Munchi a few questions. Arguably the biggest player in the moombahton scene, with his tracks being dropped all over the world by DJs from a range of different genres, Munchi is without a doubt the man to ask about all things moombahton! He’s promised Forward/Slash an exclusive give-away, so keep checking the blog in the next few days for that too!

What DJs/producers would you say to look out for? Any upcoming guys you know that are killing it?

There is so much talent out there at the moment, I really can’t pick out just one or two of them!

What attracted you to moombahton, was it simply the fusion of reggaeton and house which you were making at the time, and how did you hear about it originally?

At heart I’m a Reggeton producer and it killed me to see the direction it was going in. I always tried to combine all these different genres, and with Moombahton it was perfect. Here I could put together every influence of other genres and mash it all up together.

When i first heared it I was mindblown, Dave’s idea to slow Dutch House down and add Reggeton elements to it was simply genius, this was like Reggeton on some next level type of shit. So I immediately made 4 tracks that same night and put it out on the web, adding elements from Baile Funk, B-more, Drum & Bass, Dominican Dembow and of course Latin music.

You seem to have a massive production output, anything to say about that?

I just love to make a shitload of music man, and to see people actually enjoying it is the best thank you you can get.

Originally, most moombahton was given away free on Soundcloud, do you think it positively affected the development of the scene?

I’m Positive it did. I love free music. There should be more of it. Money talk and this and that interferes too much with creativity and innovation.

Are there any attributes of Moombahton you have issue with?

I don’t have an issue with nothing. People make what they feel to make and thats dope. Originals, remixes, edits, crossovers, you name it. I love it all.

What would you most like to change about the music industry, in your experience?

The way people think about music. It should be about having fun, creativity, innovation and things you can actually think of or learn from. Now its more about money, formulas, popularity, key people, wrong intentions and business shit. A lot of my favorite genres went down due to all of the above and its fucked up, but most people don’t seem to care about that at all.

What have been your top 5 moombahton tracks released so far?

Sandro Silva – Told Ya (DJ Melo’s Moombahton Edit)

Heartbreak – Grown Man Ish

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Heads Will Roll (Amac Moombahton Edit)

Nadastrom – Sabina

Benga & Coki – Night (DJ Sabo’s Edit)

What upcoming releases are you most excited about?

Here also dude. I love a lot of different types of music so I can go on for centuries!

Where do you see the genre going in the future?

I think it will expand, as in more variety. On the other side I think the latin crowd will get to it.. FUCKK YEEAAHHH!!

What do you use to produce, favourite DAW?

My shit: Acid Pro 5.0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any production advice for young producers making Moombahton?

Just use what you’re comfortable with and keep trying new shit. There are no barriers.

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