Addison Groove – This Is It / Make Um Bounce

Techtonic, juke, bass, swamp81

Last month Addison Groove’s new EP on Techtonic dropped, and it’s big. At 138 and 133 BPM, with lots of 808 kick, booty-style vocal samples, acid bleeps, and chicago drums, both sides are huge, and this is one EP that’s definitely worth picking up.

Something else I’m excited for is information about Addison’s huge remix of Martha & the Vandellas classic Jimmy Mack. I heard him play it first at BLOC, and it took the roof off. Eyes peeled for a quite white label release on this one.


Dem 2 – The Holding EP

Bass house dubstep A1 bassline Tighten Up Records

I realise I’ve neglected this blog the past month. I was busy with college exams, and music production and promotion and a few things, but it’s all change now. I plan to get Forward/Slash back on track this summer, with more interviews, more guest mixes, new contributors, and most importantly, get it back to daily posts. I’ll let the new contributors introduce themselves, but they all have great taste in house and bass, and will be great. Now, to crack on with a backlog of music I have to post.

Tighten Up Records are one of my favourite new labels. The brainchild of Tek-One & A1 Bassline, they’re churning out quality bass EP after EP. This tasty two track number is no exception. They’re always giving away tracks by Tek-One, Kavsrave and A1 Bassline, to grab them click here, and remember to pick up The Holding EP from any of the good download sites.

Jodeci – Freak’n You (MK Dub)

Every Freaking Night Freak'n You

This is probably my favourite version of the infamous b-more club ‘every freaking night’ vocal sample. So, when I went to buy it on iTunes, and realised it was up as a free download, it made me pretty happy. So, I thought I’d share it with the rest of you. Enjoy.

Jodeci – Freek’ N You (M.K. Dub)

Egg Sample

sample house Riva Starr Black Mama Lowrider

Two great tracks, and two examples of great sampling. First up is Christian Fischer’s Lowrider, which samples War’s 1975 hit Low Rider, and  does so beautifully.

Christian Fischer – Lowrider (Original Mix)

Next up is a track from Riva Starr’s 2010 album If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade on Made To Play. It’s quite unlike Riva Starr’s other stuff in my opinion, stripped down, with a big 808 kick, and contains a big sample from Lafayette Afro Rock Band’s Darkest Light.

Riva Starr – Black Mama (Bonus Version)

NSWL007 – Pearson Sound Refixes


One of the most anticipated releases of 2011 has just dropped on vinyl, Pearson Sound (aka Ramadanman)’s refixes EP on Night Slugs White Label. Both sides are flips of classic tracks in Pearson Sound’s signature style.

Let Me See takes a bass heavy baltimore club classic and strips it down completely, taking the acapella and putting a huge 808 kick under it, with some subtle percussion and industrial hits that just scream David Kennedy.

Rodd Lee – Let Me See What U Workin With (Pearson Sound Remix)

Hardrive’s Deep Inside has one of the nicest ever house vocals in my opinion, but some of the synths in the original, especially the lead synth, jar with me a little bit. Luckily, Pearson Sound gets rid of that synth. In fact, he gets rid of nearly everything, except that instantly recognizable sample ‘deep, deep inside, deep, deep down inside’, and replaces it all with 808 cowbells. More or less. The percussion takes a different route to Let Me See, imitating old school hip-hop breaks. I’m still torn between whether I prefer the original or the refix, but all I know is that this is set to become of one of the biggest tunes of 2011!

Hardrive – Deep Inside (Pearson Sound Remix)

Something on a real old school tip

90s 90's house classic old skool old school

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I have loads of music for you all, but have been having problems uploading audio to WordPress, so haven’t been able to post as often as I’d like. Anyway.

90s house. It’s a timeless formula, and classics like these still getting played in big sets today is testament to that. These track span 1992 to 2005, so it’s not strictly all 90s house, but how much the house of that time influenced dance music afterwards means we can extend the 90s for a good few years when it comes to house. Enjoy.

Mike Dunn presents the MD X-Press – God Made Me Phunky (Original Mix)

Aly-Us – Follow Me (Club Mix)

Kenny ‘Jammin’ Jason & Fast Eddie Smith – Can U Dance

Head In The Clouds

Here’s a round-up of some of what I’ve been feeling latest, brought to you by the magic of Soundcloud, because my WordPress Audio Player has been super buggy lately, hence not posting much.

Big tune forthcoming on Swamp81 by Boddika, who is definitely looking like being one of the best producers of 2011.

One of the biggest tunes to be played all night on the Boiler Room last Tuesday, Jack Dixon – Coconuts, forthcoming on Inhale. Expect yourself to sing ‘badooey badooey badooey’ to yourself for the rest of the week.

Forthcoming on Blunted Robots, one of the biggest tunes of 2010 is still unreleased, and is still tearing up clubs around the UK. Dark Sky is another to look out for in 2011, if you don’t already know all about him!

The ever amazing Julio Bashmore has just dropped another gem, his remix of High Powered Boys’ new EP on Sound Pellegrino. With the loss of Institubes, Sound Pellegrino it set to become a fully fledged label, and another new label, Marble Music, also rises from the ashes. If this release is anything to go on, 2011 will be a good year for the 2 labels!

This last one comes from one of my favourite Dublin DJs/promoters, Marcus, of Ignored Playaz. He dropped this last night before Nguzunguzu at Chewn, and reminded me just how good it was. Peep his next Ignored Playaz night, with the massive line-up of Addison Groove & Jam City! Even page here.