Ben Westbeech – Falling (Jam Factory Remix)

Dark Sky remix

Big, jackin’ Chicago house. It’s hard not to like, and the Jam Factory remix of Ben Westbeech’s ‘Falling’ on Strictly Rhythm is no exception. I like it. A lot.

Ben Westbeech – Falling (Jam Factory Remix)

Also peep the Dark Sky remix, who keep up their high standard of recently releases with another big tune.


I Want You, I Need You

I’m too tired to write much, but here’s two lovely housey numbers. Just click play.

Format B – Gospel (Super Flus Antichrist Remix)

DJ PP – Lanza Perfume

Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand

To be honest. I’m not quite sure what to say about this track. This remake of Boney M’s Gotta Go Home has been immensely hyped since it was played way back at the WMCs at the start of the summer. Apparently due to issues about clearing the sample, it’s only come out now. On Juno, not Beatport, and only in some parts of the world. After so many recreations and edits (O-God etc), everyone already knows what the track is, and frankly, the real production is a bit disappointing. Anyway, you can make your own mind up about it.
Direct Link here.

Let’s Do This.

So I (Frankie) have decided to expand this blog from not just a blog about our Forward/Slash nights, but also into a general music blog, about the kind of music I play at the nights, and the music our guests play. I’m also aiming to start getting interviews from some of the guests, bands and DJs, and possibly some from international DJs and producers. Another thing I plan to do with the blog is to hand-pick DJs to do up a mix for the blog, to extend the mixes section to more than just live Forward/Slash mixes.

So, let’s do this.


Pick a shark. Pick a hat. Strike a pose.

Photos by Matt McDermot

Photoshopping by Forward/Slash

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Forward/Slash are back to do another adventure in the Bernard Shaw. There’s something for anyone who needs a slash, with great bands and DJs inside, and weird shit like comedy and graphic scores on the bus.


Ciaran Meister (Salt)
Playing some soul, funk, disco and hip-hop.
The Almond-Garde of Post-Manillow
Frankie Grimes (Forward/Slash)
Playing some of his favourite house, disco and dub.

On the bus/
Dabble Decker
Shane McKenna
What’s a Dabble Decker?
Come and find out.
Bring an instrument.
what’s an instrument?
..not too sure.
Stand Up, Upstairs
The Arch-Demons of the Demiurge – Three of Dublin’s darkest comedians for one night only! Gareth Stack, Gordon Rochford and Gary ‘Mr. Fritzel’ Lynch will stalk your nightmares with their overly friendly family fun.

Movie/ Flash Gordon @ 9pm

Photography/ Expect someone with a camera to take pictures of you. They will then photoshop you into certain amusing situations.

10 x 10 Drinks Specials//

All the following drinks for €10

3 Pint Pitcher Bavaria
2 x Cocktails ( Mojito / Long Island Iced Tea / Nina Simone )
3 x Corona [ L/neck]
3 x Perroni [ L/neck]
3 x Moosehead [ L/neck]
3 x Beamish [ Pint ]
2 x Vodka + Redbull
3 x Sambucca
3 x Jaegermeister
3 x Goldschlager

Get The Bus

Every Forward/Slash event in the Shaw will see a new acts take to the top floor of the Big Blue Bus to entertain its passengers.

From folk bands, acoustics sets, and singer songwriters, to comedy nights and the odd dabble d0, the bus will play host to an eclectic mix of acts.

Performances will be filmed and posted here regularly.