Forward/Slash: The Syndicate (live) & Cloud Castle Lake

The Syndicate (live)

Dublin’s freshest 4-piece headline this week’s Forward/Slash. With support gigs for The Mightly Atomics, House of Dolls, and The Mighty Stef (to name a few) behind them, they’re being hyped as the next band to watch. Check their promo video below for a taste of what’s to come.

Cloud Castle Lake (DJ Set)

Dublin’s most handsome band? Four of the faces of 2011? I’m pretty sure have called these guys both of these things, and more. Either way, here’s a chance to see what a handsome band listen to at home, as Cloud Castle Lake do a DJ set. Listen below to see what all this music listening and face grooming has churned out.

Frankie Grimes (Forward/Slash)

Forward/Slash Frankie Grimes resident will as ever be playing everything from hip-hop and dub, to house and techno. He might play some of his own tracks, which have recently gotten international support from names like Screendeath, NT89, Munchi, Louis Louis, Two Charming Men and Beataucue to name a few.

Click here for the Facebook event.


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