Head In The Clouds

Here’s a round-up of some of what I’ve been feeling latest, brought to you by the magic of Soundcloud, because my WordPress Audio Player has been super buggy lately, hence not posting much.

Big tune forthcoming on Swamp81 by Boddika, who is definitely looking like being one of the best producers of 2011.


One of the biggest tunes to be played all night on the Boiler Room last Tuesday, Jack Dixon – Coconuts, forthcoming on Inhale. Expect yourself to sing ‘badooey badooey badooey’ to yourself for the rest of the week.


Forthcoming on Blunted Robots, one of the biggest tunes of 2010 is still unreleased, and is still tearing up clubs around the UK. Dark Sky is another to look out for in 2011, if you don’t already know all about him!


The ever amazing Julio Bashmore has just dropped another gem, his remix of High Powered Boys’ new EP on Sound Pellegrino. With the loss of Institubes, Sound Pellegrino it set to become a fully fledged label, and another new label, Marble Music, also rises from the ashes. If this release is anything to go on, 2011 will be a good year for the 2 labels!

This last one comes from one of my favourite Dublin DJs/promoters, Marcus, of Ignored Playaz. He dropped this last night before Nguzunguzu at Chewn, and reminded me just how good it was. Peep his next Ignored Playaz night, with the massive line-up of Addison Groove & Jam City! Even page here.


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