Forward/Slash Basement Takeover & Mob Fandango

This weekend is going to be big. On Thursday we’re back in the Bernard Shaw with one of my favourite Dublin bands, Mob Fandango. A ten piece funk band that always tears the house down. The Forward/Slash gig is in anticipation of the upcoming Dig EP, which features this monster. Check the event page for more information.

After Forward/Slash of course we have Chewn, this week featuring the excellent Chewy, who is for sure one of my favourite Dublin DJs. I still hold DJing with him on Stephen’s Day in the Bernard Shaw in a special place in my heart.

Then on Friday, it’s the big one. Forward/Slash takes over the Basement of the Twisted Pepper! The line-ups huge, we have Colin Perkins (who wrecked it Forward/Slash recently), Finn Merrins & Shane Murphy of Dirtbox notoriety, and a very special live set from Scuzzi Port. Upstairs, the Nightflight crew hold it down in the Cafe, while the incredible Brassroots wreck the stage with Handsome Paddy. Check the event page for more information.

You’re very lucky in that Forward/Slash are offering you all of this for an amazing €8, on the Forward/Slash cheaplist. Sign yourself up here, and I know I’ll see you there.

2 thoughts on “Forward/Slash Basement Takeover & Mob Fandango

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