Soundtrack to Forward/Slash & Chewn

Tonight is going to be a very big night! Firstly, a return to Forward/Slash after a brief gap, with two acts I’m very excited about. Peaks, who I’ve met to get down to the Shaw for a long time, and Westway Flyover, who were so good last time I just had to ask them to return! It’ll also be a chance for me to get to play some Odd Future. Check the event here!

OFWGKTA – Orange Juice

Then it’s onto Chewn! in Pod, and for our 4th week we have the always wonderful Two Charming Men, which is just a sign of the very big things to come for Chewn. Click attending right here. Here’s a few tracks that might get a spin…

Basement Jaxx – Bingo Bango

Sweet Female Attitude – Flowers (Sunship Edit)

Kavsrave – Baggage Handler

…and of course there’s the Chewn! of the week, many people’s track of 2010, Breach – Fatherless. Win yourself a free naggin by screaming Chewn at the DJ when you hear this get played.

Breach  – Fatherless


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