Música Cubana

música cubana

Years ago my parents went to Cuba for a few weeks, and brought back a load of Cuban music. At the time I loved it, and listened to all the albums over and over again. But since then the music has lain dormant in my iTunes for unknown reasons. Since discovering moombahton, cumbia and all the rest, I realised that I had this library of amazing Caribbean music in my iTunes, so I started listening to it again. Compared to modern moombahton, cumbia and tropical music, the rhythm and soul of these tradition tracks is so effortless, so real, and so inspiring. I can’t get enough.

Edit: It appears the wordpress audio player doesn’t work with AAC files, but if you click the link it will play in its own window.

Estudiantina Invasora – Caballo Viejo

Conjunto Cespedes – Alafia

Ibrahim Ferrer – Monte Adentro

Ritmo Y Candela – Descarga En Faux

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