Exclusive interview with Black Van

Yearning Four Four Letter Forward/Slash

The Glass – Four Four Letter (Black Van Remix)

Black Van, the coming together of two well respected electronic producers, Kris Menace & KoweSix has completely blown up in the year they’ve been around. Their releases have made it into most 2010 polls, and well deservedly. Lucky for me, a got a chance to ask them a few questions!

What brought you two to work together, and what you attempting to achieve with Black Van?

We met 2 years ago in a club where we both played that night, and after a lot of drinks we arranged a studio session which went very well. We produced “Yearning” in the first session. With Black Van. We are attempting to achieve a lot of excellent feelings, for us and everybody else. It’ s quite simple actually!

Black Van – Yearning

So your first release as Black Van, Yearning, is getting rinsed by a bunch of huge DJs, including Vito from Aeroplane, how did that make you feel?

It made us feel excellent!

What do you think of the new wave of popularity in disco, or have you noticed any?

Since disco music always made everything appear more sexy than it was in reality, we just love this development…

What do you use to produce, do you use hardware, and what’s your favourite DAW?  

Let’ s put it this way, the roland juno is essential!

Do you do your own mastering, or is this done by a third party?

If you know good mastering people it’s always better to not do it by yourself. Too much confusion from a certain point on….

What would you say have been the main influences on your music?

Pretty much everything we’ve heard over the last 30 years!

Could you tell me about your upcoming releases?

Next up is a co-op with Holy Ghost, a vocal version of our recent release “Moments of Excellence” on Permanent Vacation which comes with a superb Aeroplane remix, and of course we work on our first album.

What have been your favourite releases of 2010?

Man, there’ ve been a few. The Revenge did amazing stuff, Shit Robot was dope, and also Hot Toddy’ s album…. too many to mention actually!

Finally, with your wealth of experience between the two of you, what are your top 5 things you’d advise a young producer NOT to do?

Don’t drink and drive. Never smoke crack before 5pm. Don’t forget to check yourself before you wreck yourself, and finally, don’t stop!!

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