Quick: It’s Robot Time

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Although I was guilty of it for years, one thing that’s really started to irk me is the use of the word ‘electro’, or moreso, the lack of the use of the word ‘electro-house’. Every second electro-house track on Soundcloud, and every second electro-house DJ describes what they play as house/techno, or something like that. To me it just seems that there is some aversion to the term ‘electro-house’, as if it’s a dirty word, even to those who play/make it. Still, I’m not one to talk; although I’m quickly moving away from electro-house, the whole time I was playing it I never called it electro-house.

Anyway, here is some actual electro. (I know there’s some techno in there, but still)

Drexciya – Digital Tsunami

While we’re on the subject of great 90s dance music, here’s a 2010 re-release of a great track from Burger/Ink’s Las Vegas.

Burger/Ink – Elvism

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