Moombahton Monday

Forward/Slash BlogI’ve just decided to start a new weekly feature on Moombahton, called Moombahton Monday. I realise it’s Wednesday today. I don’t think that matters. First up are my two favourite tracks on the new Moombahton Massive EP II on Sol Selectas. Comparing this Dave Nada remix to his early Moombahton stuff just shows how far the genre has come in its short life.

Roska – Wonderful Day (Dave Nada Moombahton Edit)

House of Gypsies – Sum Sigh Say (Heartbreak vs. Sabo Edit)

This one comes courtesy of The Miseducation. Buy it here on Beatport.

Motorpitch & Beware – El Toro (Bass Ill Euro Hennessy Remix)

If it’s ok with you, I might throw in some Cumbia on Moombahton Monday.

Bless the Cumbia (Andrés Digital Cumbia Mash Up)

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