Dazed and Confused


(Fucking truth bullets right there). Heartbreak gives us some beautiful chilled moombahton soul, which makes me want it to be summer. Seeing all these new original moombahton tracks come out makes me excited, as I predict in 2011 moombahton won’t just be a comic genre of pitched down dutch house and Pitbull vocals, but will be a fusion of UK Funky influences, dubstep, deep & tech house, and cumbia, all at 108 BPM. I can’t wait.

Heartbreak – Shy Day

Trawling through ‘best of the decade’ charts generally just leaves you with sore ears and no new music, but occasionally you find a gem. DJ Koze from 2003.

DJ Koze – The Gekloppel Continues

Anyone who has listened to As Heard On Radio Soulwax pt. II will know this. So have it.

Adult – Hand To Phone

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