Erol Alkan’s New Haircut

Sometimes when I can’t figure out a way to tie together the tracks I want to post, I just go on Ffffound and choose a picture I like, and then pick a random blog title. I like to think I make up for this by the tunes being good at least. The title is unrelated to the post. Erol Alkan posted on Twitter that there was going to be a ‘big announcement’, which turned out to be the fact that he got his hair cut. The Google image search results for ‘Erol Alkan haircut’ are excellent though.

The first track is one that has been in my iTunes for years, but it was just called ‘Patrice Baumel – Roar’, even though I new it wasn’t the original, and only recently found what remix it was. Really great edit, with a beautiful bassline under the original track, which is iconically without a kick or bassline.

Patrice Baumel – Roar (DJ Wehbba Remix)

Proxy? Raven? Moombahton? It sounds like it works, and it does.

Proxy – Raven (Skinny Friedman Moombahton Remix)

There are some tracks that do repetition beautifully, and this is definitely one of them. Taking a snippet of the Body Language melody, the whole track makes you expect a kick in into the full melody, and the fact that it doesn’t makes it an amazing track.

Booka Shade – Body Language (Radioslave Remix)

Props to Kid City Blog for this find, which appeared on Mowgli’s November Mix by an unknown Russian producer, with little to no details about it, including information about a release date. The stream below is a rip from the mix.

Amberflame – Traces

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