Two in the bush is worth something else in different circumstances

As you can see I was at a loss to fit the two tracks in today’s post into any kind of theme. Nevertheless.

The first is a track that’s been out since the start of September on U&E Recordings, and I’ve no idea how it passed me by. There hasn’t been nearly enough hype about this release. Have a listen and you’ll see what I mean. Techno-electro, or whatever you can call it, with the likes of this, and Clouds to name a few, has been killing the dancefloors recently, and I hope people keep coming out with stuff like this. Pick up the release on Beatport here.

Felix Luker – Mechanical

The next is a new gem from Mr. Oizo, from his new film Rubber, for which he and Gaspard Augé wrote the soundtrack. TV Slut is unreleased, and he is kindly giving it away.

Mr. Oizo – TV Slut

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