Exclusive Coin Operated Boy Interview

I’m very happy to say that I’ve had the chance to ask one of my favourite producers at the moment, Coin Operated Boy, a few questions, fresh off the back of his huge Tranquility Lane EP, which has got support from everywhere, including Tiga and Fake Blood.


How are things, Ed?

Not bad at all thanks mate, how are you?


Good mate, thanks! Pleasure to talk to you. So you’ve a remix for Lee Mortimer coming out, can you tell us about that?


Yeah man, it’s out on Beatport on the 22nd November on Lee’s Wearhouse label, along with remixes from Warrior One, Luvstuff, and Kill Light. The original track is an absolute banger, too! I hope people like what I’ve done with it.



Great remix mate! Anything else in the pipeline?


Yep, I’ve got a couple of things on the go at the moment. Right now, we’re in the process of sorting out a release for Dogkick and Catsnare, which are two tracks I’m really proud of, but I can’t tell you too much about that just yet. Remix-wise, I’m working on mixes for Don’t Wait Animate’s new EP and Santero and Pete Jordan’s EP on Top Billin’, but they’re also a way off yet! Finally, myself and Louis (of Louis Louis Blog) are still getting things geared up for launching our Deadbeats label. We’re absolutely determined not to reveal anything or announce anything until everything’s in place, which is why it’s taking so long! It also doesn’t help that we’re both quite busy, but yes, we’ve got some pretty cool stuff up our sleeves… It’ll be worth the wait, I hope.


Really excited about Deadbeats, sounds great! You’ve a fair catalog of remixes and originals out now, what kind of set-up do you have? Favourite DAW?


Everything revolves around Logic, really. I tried Ableton for a while, but switched back to Logic pretty promptly! I use a fairly extensive library of plug-ins, including a few secret weapons that I won’t reveal on pain of death. Hardware-wise, I use M-Audio monitors and AKG reference headphones for listening duties, as well as a Korg EMX-1 synth and a Novation Nio 2/4 audio interface. It’s a modest set-up, but it gets the job done.


Sweet. Would you say you have any major influences as a producer?


Yeah, absolutely. Where to start? I’m nuts about Tony Senghore’s stuff at the moment, everything that guy comes out with lately has completely blown my mind. His music is incredibly forward-thinking. Other than that, I’d say there’s a noticeable influence of people like Jokers of the Scene, Joe and Will Ask?, Boy 8-Bit, and Zombie Disco Squad in my current sound. I used to make really noisy electro stuff and I think I’ve mellowed a fair bit since then. I still try to make my tracks have some ‘balls’ to them, mind…!


What time is Julius Caesar?


Haha! Erm… yep… I did philosophy of mathematics at university and one of the essays I wrote required me to explain why Julius Caesar isn’t a number. The answer seems fairly obvious, but as with most things in philosophy it’s not actually quite as straightforward once you get into it. It’s a bit hard to give a brief explanation, but the basic idea is that if you try to give a set of rules which define the properties of numbers, you have to explain why these rules don’t apply to things that aren’t numbers. That’s not quite it, but it’ll do for a rough idea…


What would you most like to change about the music industry, in your experience?


Hmmm, tricky one. To be honest, I think the music industry as a whole is in the process of change anyway! It seems like no-one’s exactly sure which way things are headed at the moment and what the result will be. One thing that does bother me though is how disposable music is right now. There’s so much of it about these days that it’s hard to always give each track the attention it deserves, which is a real shame.


Who’s your #1 breakthrough artist this year?


Well it can only be one name can’t it? It’s been repeated so many times now it’s almost become cliche, but Clouds’ ascent throughout 2010 has been absolutely extraordinary. At the start of 2010, not many of people had really heard of them, and they’re kicking off 2011 with an EP on Turbo Recordings. That’s insane.


What other producers have you really liked this year?


Yeah, there are some amazing people about right now. To name but a few, Screendeath, Decibel, Figure, Jagerverb, Supabeatz, as well as the names I gave above! It’s bloody hard to come up with names off the top of my head though… sorry!

The Robot Disaster – Electric Shocks (Coin Operated Boy Remix)

The Robot Disaster – Electric Shocks (Coin Operated Boy Dub)

That’s an exclusive right there, man! No-one else has that!
Thanks mate!

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