A Baker’s (half) Dozen

Here’s some tracks I’ve been digging this week. The first two are DJ Deeon. I first heard ‘The Freaks’ when Crookers played it a few years ago at set in Spy, Dublin, and I then spent ages trying to find it. Apparently Boys Noize is playing Work This M.F. at the moment, and people are going crazy trying to find that. So here they both are.

Dj Deeon – Work This M.F.

Dj Deeon – The Freaks

The next is one of the nicest things to come into my inbox recently, a track from the new single by Heavyfeet. I still play tracks from their Sawdust and Sultanas EP nearly every set I play, so I was pretty excited to hear their latest. Pick up the rest of the release here.

Heavyfeet ft. Serocee – Parking Meter

The next track isn’t very new at all, but I only came across it after one of the Sidetracked DJs, Jeff, played it the other night. Such a nice tune.

Mark Broom & Brothers Vibe – Mind Feeling (youANDme Hirsch Edit)

Orquesta is the moniker of one of my favourite Dublin DJs, and his productions are dope too. This is his new track, influenced simultaneously by his love of cumbia, and his love of dinosaurs. Check out his site for loads more amazing cumbia, dancehall and hip-hop.

Orquesta – Dinosaur Cumbia

And, because it’s a sweet tune. Here’s Baker Street.

Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street


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