Official Erol Alkan Forum Top 20 DJs of 2010

In response to DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 DJs poll, which many feel isn’t definitive, I took it upon myself to run a vote of the the top DJs of 2010 on the Erol Alkan forum. Over 150 voted for their 5 favourite personalities of the year, and here are the long awaited results!

Top 5

1) Boys Noize

It’s been a big year for Boys Noize, and he’s well deserving of the top spot. 1010/Yeah was arguably one of the biggest releases of the year, not to mention having continously great releases on Boys Noize Records, and founding Boys Noize Trax. He was naturally too busy to comment on his win.

2) Erol Alkan

Although it might seem obvious to have Erol in the top 5 on the Erol Alkan Forum, he is well deserving of his spot. He not only had massive releases like Lemonade/Avalanche, and his Chilly Gonzales remix, but also hits coming out on his label Phantasy Sound, like Yeah, Techno! and Late of the Pier’s offering Best In The Class.

3) Brodinski

I’m really happy to see Brodinksi up here, because I don’t think it was just his big releases that put him here, like Arnold Classics and a host of huge remixes, but it was his constantly quality monthly charts and great DJ sets that always created a huge amount of hype. A man of few words, he had this to say:

“thx a lot for sending me this TOP 20, it’s always a pleasure to see this kind of thing :D



4) Fake Blood

Both ‘I Think I Like It’ and ‘Fix Your Accent’ were arguably the biggest crossover hits of the year, it’s not surprise to see him place this well. Credit must also go to Blood Records, Fake Blood’s new label, which saw its first release with fellow charters Clouds. 2011 is set to be another big year for the man of many aliases! He had this to say:

Nice one.
A poll that I can actually relate to musically!

And great to see Dave at no.6.

Thanks a lot!


5) Aeroplane

It looks like Aeroplane’s split hasn’t affected their reputation, with Vito well able to handle things himself. 2010 saw massive hits for Aeroplane like ‘We Can’t Fly’, and ‘I Crave Paris’, but it also saw thousands of people, including me, crawling through Vito’s monthly chart mixes looking for italo-disco gems that it seemed only he knew. I’m really happy to see him up here. He had this to say:


It’s cool that I made it to number 5 ! My Soundcloud mixes
are really important to me and with a total of nearly half a million listening I hope this will keep growing. I’m really trying to make people discover a music they can’t really access, as the genre I’m representing ( if it can be called a genre… ) isn’t as huge as Alex & Erol music. Anyway. Feels good.




6) Boy-8 Bit
7) Tensnake
8) Round Table Knights
9) Tiga
10) Claude Van Stroke
11) Style of Eye
12) Clouds


Thats pretty cool. Thanks!


13) Bart B More
14) Jesse Rose
15) Shadow Dancer

“Er……..I’m extremely flattered! That’s pretty special as I kind of figured we’d fallen off the forum’s radar in the past year.

Obviously, we’d like to say thanks and give a big (manly?) kiss….and possible (manly?) fondle…to everyone who voted for us. While not necessarily being too radical or ground-breaking, we do try to offer something a little bit different from the super-hyped norm, so it’s really gratifying to feel like we’re pushing the right buttons…..
Speaking of buttons, “Cue” means “Stop”, right?
So….anyway….yeah: huge thanks to all!

16) Matt Payne

“What a surprise,  just wanted to say a big thanks and I might actually start doing some djing again. A big thanks to Erol, the good people on the forum and anyone else who has booked me or supported me, plus a special mention to the Shadow Dancer boys just for being ace innit.”

17) Rory Phillips
18) A-Trak
19) Mat Walsh
20) Harvard Bass


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