Reggae ‘Forward/Slash’ Dub

As a celebration of buying the WordPress Space Upgrade (i.e. I can now host mp3s), and inspired by listening to Top Ranking: A Diplo Dub, I thought I’d do a big post about a few of my favourite reggae and dub tracks.

The first is one of my favourite covers of anything ever. A dub cover of Kraftwerk’s The Model. Heard it played at a house party one, and spent the whole next day trying to find it.

Overproof Soundsystem – The Model

The next few are a tribute to one of my favourite artists ever, not just when it comes to dub, the legend that is Macka B. Special mention has to go to the last track, Deep Bass Voice. It has made it into nearly every one of my early sets for the last year.

Macka B – (Racists) Back Off

Macka B – To be racist

Macka B – Christmas Cancelled

Macka B – Deep Bass Voice

The next few are some choice tracks from Top Ranking: A Diplo Dub. Seeing as he loves being mentioned in this blog, I may as well point out that Haido introduced me to said mix today.

Richie Spice and Ratatat – Marijuana

Santigold – Guns of Brooklyn

Skream! – Check-It (Featuring Warrior Queen)

The last, aside from being a great reggae track by the legend U-Roy, is a favourite of a friend and reggae/dub DJ, Stevie Dreadalus, basically the man who got me into dub and reggae.

U-Roy – Natty Rebel (2006 Mix)

While we’re at it, have a listen to this.

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – Great Britain (Dreadalus Remix)

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