Proxy – Abyss & new album

Proxy’s new album has been building hype all year, first, when it was due to be released on May 7th, then when his Vibrate EP came out, then when the Congorock remixes came out, and it’s starting again now as it gets closer to the promised ‘winter’ release time. One of the most anticipated tracks is called Abyss, which was previewed months ago, and has us still waiting for a release date. You can watch the original preview video here.

Proxy – Abyss (Preview)

Here’s a snippet of Thomas von Party speaking about the upcoming album, taken from Truants interview with the Turbo boss.

The Proxy album is a big event… Very delayed, but that one also somewhere around winter, maybe. The reason for the delay is very simple. Once you set a goal to yourself of making an album, just because you have enough tracks for an album, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to put it out there as an album. You only release so many things, so you want to have it set up for yourself, so that it has a real impact when it drops. And for the Proxy, for a lot of reasons it just hasn’t quite been finished. He’s working on it and there’s a lot of great material that is going to be released, we’re doing one single in June of Vibrate, that won’t be on the album actually but just as another single. But there’s really good remixes on it by Noob, who did two great versions, The Bloody Beetroots, who are big Proxy fans and supporters, and one more by Sound of Stereo. Proxy has lots of fans and we do want to keep the interest up by releasing bits and pieces for now.

There’s not much other information about the album, apart from this 40kbps minute-and-a-half-long album teaser.


Album teaser tracklist (possibly inaccurate, seeing as vibrate has since been released and is most likely not on the album):

Indian film
Quad damage
Who are you
Think first


Babylon – Congorock (Proxy Remix) (192)

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