Supra1 – Still Believe EP

GhosterI’m not going to pretend Supra1’s Still Believe EP is a new release, it came out in June, but I don’t think it’s gotten the credit it deserves, so it’s definitely worthy of a blog post. Supra1 are one of a rare few acts who have actually gained fame through a remix contest. New York’s Trouble & Bass ran a remix contest for Little Jinder, and Supra1 came out the winners, with their remix becoming a dancefloor hit.

Litle Jinder – Polyhedron (SUPRA1 Remix)

Fast forward a few months, and they have a huge 10 track EP with remixes from names like Gucci Vump, and L-Vis 1990. The best part about the release though, is the surprise hit that is the B-side, Ghoster. This has been one of my favourite tunes of the summer, it ticks all the right boxes for me.

Here’s one of my favourite remixes on the release. Have a look and go buy the EP if you like it.

Supra1 – Still Believe (L-Vis 1990 Remix Dub)

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