The LOL Boys, and why I love them

The LOL Boys, Jerome and Markus, two guys who met on an internet message board (as the name might suggest), have been without a doubt two of the best new producers to emerge this year. With releases on Palms Out and Youngunz to name a few, they’ve blown the blogosphere apart, and their tracks have become a staple in my sets. Seeing as I’ve nothing new to announce, I’m just going to share a few of my favourite tracks of theirs, hoping you enjoy them. Here’s their Beatport page, so head over and support the guys buy buying what you like!

The next is one of my favourites, their remix of Korallreven – Loved-up. A really beautiful track, with definite post-dubstep and garage influences.

Korallreven –  Loved-up (LOL Boys Remix)

Next is quite different, very summery disco track that builds for 2 minutes, before releasing itself with funky summer vibes.

LOL Boys – Arabesque

The last is a really tasty remix of Para One’s Toadstool, turning into a lovely chilled-out nu-disco number.

Para One – Toadstool (LOL Boys Remix)


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