Forward/Crash Chart

Here’s a chart of my favourite tunes coming up to Forward/Crash next Thursday.

1. Detboi – Voices in Heaven / Rainbows

These two tracks are coming out on his upcoming album Curse of the Voodoo Drums, which I’ve been waiting for patiently since May. Definitely one to check out, and I suspect it’s gonna take him huge places.

2. Magnetic Man – I Need Air

Magnetic Man (Benga, Skream! & Artwork) have just brought out this new great track, which is completely different to all the other dubstep stuff out there, big trancey ambient vibe to it, and I love it. Expect it to influence a lot of other artists in the future.

3. Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly (Extended Drums Mix)

Looks like Aeroplane’s Stephen Fasano splitting, and leaving his ex-partner Vito De Luca at the helm hasn’t changed much, and they’re still churning out great tracks. This ‘b’ side extended drums mix is brilliant.

4. Fake Blood – I Think I Like It (Tommie Sunshine & Figure Ec$tacy Remix)

Tommie Sunshine and Figure’s small edit of Fake Blood’s massive tune has given it a completely new breath of life. It takes the original disco sample Fake Blood used and puts more in, making it much funkier, and one of the biggest disco tunes around.

5. Tensnake – Coma Cat

I still haven’t gotten sick of this track, I can listen to it on repeat and still love it.

6. The Blue Boy – Remember Me

Found this ancient track somewhere that I can’t for the life of me remember, and I’ve been rinsing it to death ever since. Really nice.

7. Jokers of the Scene – Revolting Joks

As far as end of the night pumping house tunes go, this is one of the best I’ve heard in a while. It builds and builds, and sounds unbelievable on a good system.

8. Chilly Gonzales – Never Stop

Chilly Gonzales’ new track on Erol Alkan’s label Phantasy Sound keeps to Chilly’s trademark piano sound, like his cover of Waves, but when the drums drop it’s easily heavy enough for any club.

9. Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP – We No Speak Americano (Moonchild Remix)

A mostly unknown producer called Moonchild entered the We No Speak Americano remix competition with this, didn’t win, but reached the top 10, and I love it. Really chilled out disco version of the track, and puts a completely fresh take on it. Free download from his Soundcloud in the link.

10. Macka B – Deep Bass Voice

You’ll be hard pressed to find a copy of this online (although I think it’s on the iTunes store), but it’s one of my favourite tracks from the king of dub, Macka B.


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