Forward/Slash are back to do another adventure in the Bernard Shaw. There’s something for anyone who needs a slash, with great bands and DJs inside, and weird shit like comedy and graphic scores on the bus.


Ciaran Meister (Salt)
Playing some soul, funk, disco and hip-hop.
The Almond-Garde of Post-Manillow
Frankie Grimes (Forward/Slash)
Playing some of his favourite house, disco and dub.

On the bus/
Dabble Decker
Shane McKenna
What’s a Dabble Decker?
Come and find out.
Bring an instrument.
what’s an instrument?
..not too sure.
Stand Up, Upstairs
The Arch-Demons of the Demiurge – Three of Dublin’s darkest comedians for one night only! Gareth Stack, Gordon Rochford and Gary ‘Mr. Fritzel’ Lynch will stalk your nightmares with their overly friendly family fun.

Movie/ Flash Gordon @ 9pm

Photography/ Expect someone with a camera to take pictures of you. They will then photoshop you into certain amusing situations.

10 x 10 Drinks Specials//

All the following drinks for €10

3 Pint Pitcher Bavaria
2 x Cocktails ( Mojito / Long Island Iced Tea / Nina Simone )
3 x Corona [ L/neck]
3 x Perroni [ L/neck]
3 x Moosehead [ L/neck]
3 x Beamish [ Pint ]
2 x Vodka + Redbull
3 x Sambucca
3 x Jaegermeister
3 x Goldschlager

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